Saturday, February 1, 2014

Waiting for Nutritionist

I have been plugging along in this new way of life, with some uphill struggles, and some good days. I haven't taken any photos lately, because I didn't feel they were photo-worthy. Just kind of blah looking, although they were tasty! I get to see my nutritionist on Monday, and I can't wait for it. I will finally be able to get some real answers for questions I have. I am trying to follow as best I can, the low carb way of life, but without some guidance, it makes it rather hard. As long as my blood sugars are staying nice and low, I feel I must be doing something right. I do find the lunches and snacks difficult. I don't know exactly what to have, and most people say, "salad!" Well yeah, but sheesh salad everyday? Kind of boring, right? So I have been looking specifically for lunch ideas. It is difficult when you like your sandwiches then suddenly can't have bread. But I think I am slowly getting some ideas. As I do, I will share them with you. It is sometimes difficult to know what I am doing so I can't wait for that nutritionist meeting.                                                            
On the plus side, I got myself a Wii Fit with the balance board, and Wii Active, so now I can start doing some exercises and get some much needed movement in my life. I am hoping this will help, because I have been on this way of life for almost 3 weeks, and no weight loss. It is rather disheartening. It was nice to find them online for rather good prices. I will be setting them up tonight so I can start Sunday afternoon.

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