Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Disappointed, Disillusioned and Disheartened

I have been on this low carb way of eating for 4 weeks now. I haven't lost 1 single pound! I am not expecting to lose 10 lbs every week, or even 5 lbs. But to be on it this long and lose nothing? I have to admit to feeling very disillusioned at this moment. Geoff keeps saying that it is because we are not exercising. I know we need to, and I am working on it, but even when you reduce your intake and even calories, there should be some loss! Even water. But it is disheartening when you see no results of your hard (and yes it is hard work for me) work. I know my doctor said to not lose hope and be discouraged, but that was also 2 weeks ago. Here it is another two weeks, and there is nothing.
Again, I am happy that my blood sugars are low and staying there, and that is a very good thing. But I guess I am vain enough to want to see my clothing fit looser and see some other tangible results to know I am doing a good job.

There. I have ranted once again, so I feel better. I will keep on doing what I am doing, and wait to see my nutritionist again in 4 weeks, so she can tell me what I am doing wrong...or maybe right! :)

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