Saturday, February 8, 2014

Plugging Along

I haven't posted anything for a bit due to the fact that I had started doing Wii Active exercises, and somehow managed to hurt my back (more than usual). I am still plugging along, but standing for more than 10 minutes causes me great pain, so I have been doing as little cooking as possible. Correction. I have been cooking, but recipes that don't take too long, so thereby not wanting to take photos either. I will be seeing a physical therapist on Wednesday, so I hope it helps.
I made a blueberry crumble 2 days ago that looked and smelled fantastic, but for some reason I couldn't eat it. It was disgusting to me. I know the almond flour wasn't rancid, so I don't know what made it taste so bad to me. I will try something with the almond flour again, because I simply don't see why it would taste so horrid. Maybe it was a mix of things.
This morning I made Eggs Benedict. I thought I had some asparagus left over, but I didn't, so looking for something, I spotted mushrooms, and thought, "Why not?" They are very good with this! Gives them a nice earthy flavour with the hollandaise.
So as I rest my back and find other things to do that won't hurt my back, I am scouring recipes to test. I have many recipes, but some of them I am still skeptical that they will tastes good, or they are using ingredients I am not used to using, so I kind of just keep them to the side. :) I have a recipe for flourless brownies with chocolate frosting that keeps calling my name, but I am looking at it with wary eyes. What lurks behind those beautiful brown textures? Time will tell.

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