Saturday, February 22, 2014

Almond Joy Pancakes


Now is this a way to start a Saturday morning or what? Who knew you could have chocolate in the morning? This amazing recipe was at The Lemon Bowl.  She doesn't allow me to repost the recipe, but you can go to her site to find it. It was a guest post from All Day I Dream About Food. It is an easy recipe and uses a small amount of coconut flour, and it is so very good. The recipe calls for 85-90% chocolate, but I only had 54%. Does that stop me from making this? I think not. C'mon! It's chocolate! I also made it a little chunkier, because I thought it would be fun to have chunks. :) Some bacon, and a bit of sugar-free're golden. Kate, you will love this!

Mar 1, 2014 Update
I made these again this morning, but this time I used 72% dark chocolate (having trouble finding the really dark chocolate) and I wouldn't have believed it, but I think it was even better than the 54%! I used the first time! I am now going on a search to find the 85-90%.

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